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Advertiser Disclosure

What is is a review website that provides details on casinos available for Canadian players. The site includes information on what casinos offer and what bonuses people can receive at these sites. Each casino on the site has a rating from one to five diamonds to help visitors see what these sites offer. is Funded Through Commissions gets its income through commissions, as it recommends people to online casinos. The site provides links to these casinos. receives a share in the profits that a casino site earns when new people register through those links. The effort is an example of affiliate marketing, a shared online promotion plan.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a practice that entails a party earning commissions off of other people purchasing products or services. An affiliate will use advertisements and links that are provided by an outside merchant. These links and messages will include reference data relating to the affiliate. The customer must click on a link and purchase something within a timeframe to provide the partner with a commission. The value of that commission can vary, but it features a cut of the sales that come with the deal. The general intention of an affiliate’s work is to promote a company and make money from the effort.

An Explanation of Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are provided to the site by the advertising merchant. An affiliate will post a link on one’s website. That link will connect to a merchant’s website. The buyer will click the link and accept a tracking cookie that will report on where the customer arrives.

The buyer will complete a purchase, which the merchant will read through the tracking cookie. The cookie should have details on the affiliate ID. The merchant will note the affiliate ID and then provide the affiliate credit for the sale. The total value that the website receives will vary, but it is a previously agreed-upon value based on what the party feels is fair.

Why Are We Affiliated With Some of the Casinos Reviewed on Our Website?

We have affiliations with these casinos because we operate as a business. Our connections will help us to make the website easier to use. We don’t have to place ads and banners on our website, thanks to our affiliations. The best part is that we don’t use ads that have nothing to do with casino gaming or any of the sites here. We keep the focus on the casino sites we want to review. The affiliate links we use here ensure we’ll receive funds to keep the site active.

Does This Impact Our Ratings and Reviews?

Our affiliations do not impact our ratings. We test all casinos on our own. We make independent decisions on which casinos are the right ones for players to enjoy. We check on many things surrounding these casinos, including the games they offer, their bonuses, the software they use, and how you can deposit and withdraw funds. Our reviews are thorough and focus on all the things prospective guests may experience and use while on these sites. You will enjoy finding sensible details on the many games that you can play while you’re at an online casino that accepts Canadian players.

Will it Cost You More Money?

You don’t have to spend more money when signing up to play at one of the casinos we promote. You have full control over how much you’re going to deposit at a casino. But you should check our details on the promotions available at these sites. Some casinos have minimums on what you must deposit to enjoy the site’s offerings.

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