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Aviator Slot Review


RTP 97%
Paylines None
Volatility Medium
Layout No reels
Max. Win C$1,000
Min. Bet C$0.10
Max. Bet C$100

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Last updated Jun. 19, 2024
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About game

Mobile Yes
Release 2019
Type Crash game
Theme Aeroplane
Technology JS/ HTML5
Features Place two bets, autoplay, loss and win limits

+ Pros

+Win up to C$10,000
+Place two bets at a time
+Many innovative in-game features


No paylines or reels
Fast pace can lead to overspending
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    Aviator Casino Game Review

    If you have never heard of the Aviator real money game, I’ve got all the details for you. It’s a relatively new format, unlike anything you have experienced before, offering what’s known as a crash mechanic.

    Instead of betting on paylines or reels like on a slot game, you place your wagers on how long the plane will last before crashing. I love that it is interactive, so as I competed with others, I could chat and use all the fun in-game features as I attempted to outsmart the game using various strategies.

    Editor’s Verdict

    I have given the Aviator online game 5 stars. It was an easy decision for me as I love the simplicity of the gameplay and the suspense. Knowing when to cash out is impossible, and its unique gameplay offers me a mix of strategic thinking and a thoroughly entertaining game.
    aviator game review

    What is the Aviator Game?

    When I mention this crash title, the burning question I get asked is, what is the Aviator game? It is a unique casino game with no reels or paylines like a slot machine. I find some casinos aren’t quite sure which category to put it in, which is why you may have heard it called an Aviator slot.

    The mastermind behind this creation is Spribe software developers; it was its first game release. It has since released similar-format games and some new and unusual ones. You place your bets and decide when to cash out before the plane crashes.

    Personal Opinion: Spribe has taken the casino world by storm with its innovative approach to developing its games. I love that each game offers an element of social interaction, which enhances my gaming experience.

    Theme, Graphics, and Music of the Aviator Crash Game

    The plane theme of Aviator consists of a simple layout and 2D graphics. Set against the black screen, you will see the red plane, two betting options, and a list of other current players. The music accompanying my gameplay combines soothing and suspenseful melodies, which I thought was great as I watched the plane climb.

    aviator spribe review

    How to Play the Aviator Game Online

    Before you play on Aviator, I’ve got a five-step guide to get you started.

    1. Choose a casino featuring the Aviator games. We have a top list of Spribe casinos that offer various payment options, bonuses, top-notch security measures, and many other thrilling gaming options.
    2. Set up your casino account: Open the casino and fill in the online registration form, which requires your personal data. If the casino has a welcome bonus offer, check the terms so you can claim it when making your first deposit.
    3. Find Aviator. The best way to locate it is by manual search, or you can search by the provider Spribe if the casino offers you the option.
    4. Load it up. Simply click on the game icon to open it.
    5. Set your wager: Choose the stake that suits your budget before the plane ascends. Click the bet button on either one or two bets on each round.

    Aviator Game Features

    The first time I played the Aviator betting game, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It offers no bonus features like free spins. Instead, there are some excellent in-game aspects that I want to detail as to how they can assist you when playing.

    • Bet Modes: I could manually set my bet or use the autoplay feature up to 100 times hands-free.
    • Two concurrent bets: Another feature you won’t find on slots is the ability to place two bets at a time. I will discuss this further along in my Aviator game review.
    • List of players with their bets and wins: As I played to the side of the game, I could see precisely what the other player’s bets were.
    • Auto cash-out: In the autoplay feature, I could also set limits on the multiplier I wanted to win so that the payouts automatically cash out when I hit my thresholds.
    • Free bets: Spribe has introduced a facility allowing casinos to offer you a free bet to enjoy the game.
    • Rain Feature: This feature offers several random free bets in chat, which I had to tap to claim.
    • Provably Fair: It has had thorough RNG testing to prove its fairness.

    Personal Opinion: All slots and crash games like Aviator use Random Number Generators (RNG). I find it incredibly important that these clever algorithms deliver entirely random results, with the machine generating millions of results per second. The RNG cannot be tampered with, and the testing gets done by independent and external regulators like eCOGRA.

    RTP and Volatility

    Spribe has set the Aviator RTP rate at 97%. The average slot RTP is around 96%, offering a decent percentage. If I spend C$100, my expected return is C$97, and the casino edge is C$3. However, this calculation gets worked out over a lifetime, so each player’s experience in each session will vary.

    Spribe states the volatility as a medium. You could play cautiously, making it low risk, or aim for higher wins and take longer to cash out, increasing the volatility to the higher range. It is down to your risk level on how you choose to play Aviator.

    Aviator Mobile Usability and App

    When I play Aviator, sometimes I play from home on my laptop, and I use my iPhone if I am out and about. While the game doesn’t have an app, many of our selection of Canadian casinos do, so I will download their native app for when I play on the go. For the online casino sites without the app, I load it up on my Safari web browser.

    Whichever way I access it works the same. The technology in mobile gaming will responsively and intuitively adapt the game to a smaller screen size.

    What is an Aviator Predictor?

    The Aviator Predictor app is free software that claims to predict the next round’s results. To use it, register first. Next, you must play at one of the selected sites on their list and add your unique ID number from the casino to the app. I also discovered that you can only use it for an hour a day, so once your hour is up, you must wait another 23 hours to reaccess it.

    Once you have the app on your phone, click the start button. The app’s algorithm launches, showing you the next round’s results. During rounds, you have to press next to update each next round’s results.

    Personal Opinion: I would tread cautiously with this app as often they are scams or may even violate the casino’s terms and see you receiving a permanent ban if caught.

    How to Win When You Play Aviator Game

    Although I could never give you a guaranteed winning strategy or tips to win, I want to share how I play this game, which I have been reasonably successful with.

    Budget Control

    I always set a budget for myself before any gaming session. To keep my gambling responsible, I only spend money that I can afford to lose. If I run out of funds, I walk away until I have my next session’s budget.

    Bet Amount

    My bet amount relates to my budget. If I have a larger budget, I will choose higher stakes, while if I play with a smaller bankroll, I will choose lower stakes. I adjust it accordingly since I only spend 1% on each bet.

    Demo Mode

    Before I play any RNG game for real money, I always test it first. It allows me to try it risk-free while I learn the mechanics, double bet, and autoplay features.

    Double Bet

    I always bet on both options. I let one run until it hits a 2x multiplier, meaning I have already broken even. I then let the second bet ride a bit longer and tend to cash out around 5x to 6x the bet, which is pure profit. Sometimes, it crashes before the 2x, but I tend to be up rather than down over an extended playing period. Try it in demo mode before risking any cash and see how it works.

    Stay Calm

    If I have had a few rounds where it hasn’t gone above my 2x multiplier, I continue with the strategy of never increasing my stake, which is known as chasing losses.

    Observing Patterns

    While this strategy is not foolproof due to its random nature, I look at previous results. When it crashes, it may show me the average range, giving me further insights on how to proceed.

    We Tried Playing Aviator – Watch Our Video

    There’s nothing like diving in to explore games ourselves, so our team had a lot of fun recording a YouTube video to show our experience of playing Aviator. We started with $100 to play with and began by experimenting with bet size and using the auto cash-out feature set at various multipliers.

    With up-and-down results on bets of $5 and $10 set to auto cash out at the 3x multiplier, we were down to $49.85. But an inspired decision to up the bet to $15 paid off. We actually lost the first, which was disappointing, but we went on to win the next two games to end up on $101.75 for a small session profit.

    aviator game gameplay

    Overall, we found the game exciting and intense because you never can tell when the plane is going to crash!

    Games Similar to Aviator

    Spribe invented the crash game format, but many other software developers have introduced similar games into their gaming libraries. These include Playtech, Smartsoft Gaming, and Pragmatic Play. If you want to try out different fun crash game options, I have a few recommendations below.

    • Jet X
    • Spaceman
    • Skyliner
    • To Mars and Beyond
    • Circus Launch
    • Jet Lucky 2
    • Crash Duel X

    My Aviator Review Conclusion

    If you have never played Aviator or any crash games before, I suggest you do, even if you try them out in the demo mode first. Its unique gameplay and innovative features take gaming to a new level, and its popularity continues to increase as players discover its unique format.

    Our website has many casino reviews. Use them as your information source to help you choose the best Aviator casinos in Canada.

    Finally, I want to reiterate responsible gambling when playing Aviator. To keep the gaming fun, always play with money expressly set aside for gambling and never chase losses.


    Is the Aviator game real or fake?

    The game is 100% real. Spribe, a reputable software provider, developed it. You can play it at many top Canadian Casinos. You and your money will remain secure if you play at licensed and regulated sites.

    Is it safe to play the Aviator game?

    Yes, it is. Again, only play at reputable and recommended casinos. Use our top lists and read our casino reviews to help you choose safe Canadian online casinos.

    Can you earn from the Aviator game?

    Gambling should always be meant as entertainment. You may win one day and lose the next. Therefore, never use it to earn money; use it as a fun pastime, only using money you can afford to lose.

    Is there any trick to win the Aviator game?

    No, there isn’t. Once you have become familiar with the game, you can adjust your strategy, low risk for cautious players with low bets and cashing out early. For high rollers, the stakes go up to C$100, and for a more risky strategy, they will leave the bet running longer to try to hit the bigger multipliers.

    How does the Aviator predictor work?

    It is an app that claims to predict the Aviator's next round's results. You must sign up with them and choose one of the casinos on their list. You can also use it for only one hour per day, and you must tap it to receive the prediction for each game.


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