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How Evaluates Online Casinos

Create an Account on a Selected Casino

We at will review online casinos by first creating accounts on various sites. We find gaming sites that accept Canadian players. We produce a new page on the website for every new casino we want to showcase. You’ll find many new casinos and some classics on the site.

Check the List of Available Depositing Methods

We will then review the available deposit options. Many of these casino sites accept credit and debit cards, but many also take in money orders and instant wallet transfers. Some places accept cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the more popular of those currencies working at these sites.

Choose the Most Suitable Method and Make a Deposit

We can then figure out the most appropriate method for funding an account. We will select this over how quickly we can get the funds ready and whether the site will apply any fees. The welcome bonuses at the casino can also play a role. Some bonuses work when you deposit funds through specific means, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Make a Deposit for the Bonus

We will value the deposit over how much of a sign-up bonus we would receive. We aim to deposit whatever we can add to reach the maximum bonus total. The effort helps us test how well the site can administer its bonuses. Many of these automatically appear in an account, while others require a promo code for use.

Check the Bonuses After Becoming a Member

We will take note of all the bonuses that are available after joining the casino. These bonuses include specials on slots, table games, cryptocurrency deposits, and other points. The terms for these bonuses may vary from what you’d get out of a welcome bonus. We’ll report on what makes these bonuses different from one another.

Test Slot Machines From the Popular Section

We will test various slot machines on the site. We’ll look through whatever section features the most popular slots. Some of these slots are ones that people play through free spin promotions. The test helps to see how the games work and if the software runs well. We will also see if there’s a decent variety of games available for play.

Check the List of Available Withdrawal Methods

Our analysis of the withdrawal methods on each casino entails four points. We start by noting what methods are available. We then see how much you can withdraw at a time. Our third point covers fees that may apply when withdrawing funds. We finally look at how long it would take to transfer the money out of your account.

Withdraw Funds With We Win

We use one of the proper withdrawal methods if we won anything. We’d have to play through the bonus total before we can take care of this part. We will review the withdrawal over how efficient it is and how long it takes to finish. The withdrawal method we use will vary over what can work the soonest and without the most substantial fees.

Have a Talk With a Support Agent

We will talk with one of the people at the site’s customer service department. We can do this by phone or through a live chat service. We’ll take note of how well our conversation goes. The review includes noting how knowledgeable the staff is and how prompt they are in responding to the query we hold.

Research All Information on the Web

We’ll also take note of what other clients are saying about the site online. We can check on many websites to see what reviews people are leaving and if they are happy with the site. While it’s essential to note what these people are pleased about, it’s even more important to note what complaints people hold.

We Make a Conclusion

The last part of our evaluation entails a full conclusion over what the site offers. We will determine what we feel about these casinos and what we feel could be improved. We’ll let you know whether the sites we review are worthwhile for your casino gaming desires.

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