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Last updated Mar. 31, 2023
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What is Monopoly Slot?

Monopoly is one of the most iconic board games of all time. The game involves players moving around the board and buying and selling properties and assets to one another. The game was first launched in 1935 and is one of the best selling board games ever. It has also launched several spin-offs including video games and casino slot games. Keep reading to check out monopoly casino slots review below.

Gameplay of Classic Monopoly

The rules and gameplay of Monopoly may sound complicated at first, but they are fairly straight forward once you have wrapped your head around them. The game can be played by more 2 or more players, depending on the number of tokens that are available. The game requires 32 houses, 12 hotels, chance and community chest cards, title deed cards for each property, play money, player tokens, and two six-sided dice. One of the players has to be designated as the game’s banker.

Each player must start on the word Go and is given $1,500 to start the game with. The person who rolls the highest number on the dice goes first. Players then take turn moving around the board, buying and selling properties. As you progress through to the game, you will have to pay taxes and rent when you land on certain squares and you may even have to go to jail if you end up in certain situations.

The game can be stopped at any time and you can add up the total number of assets and money owned by each player. Alternatively, you can play until every player bar the last one standing is bankrupt.

Monopoly Casino Games

Monopoly City Spins

Monopoly City Spins is a popular casino monopoly slots game that offers players the chance to win some big money. The game is developed by Gamesys and has 5 reels and 30 pay lines. With an RTP of around 95%, the game offers plenty of chances to win. It also comes packed full of bonuses and special prizes.

Monopoly Rising Riches

Monopoly Rising Riches is another popular Monopoly-themed slot game. The game is available at a wide array of different casinos and is developed by the team at Gamesys. It features 5 reels with 25 pay lines and has a very low minimum stake as well. The RTP for the game is around 96%, making this one of the most fruitful Monopoly spin-offs.

Monopoly Bring the House Down

Monopoly Bring the House Down is one of the biggest Monopoly themed slots on the internet. The game has 40 different pay lines and is available at some casinos with a minimum stake of just 1p. The game is available at a wide variety of different casinos and has some excellent bonuses that allow you the chance to win some big prizes.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a unique variation of the board game Monopoly, developed by the team at Evolution Gaming. The monopoly live casino game features a live host spinning a giant wheel while the player predicts where the spinner is going to land. The game has various special numbers that it can land on and one of them unlocks an interesting virtual game featuring Mr Monopoly, himself.

Questions about Monopoly Casino Slots

What bonuses are offered with Monopoly?

The bonuses will differ with the different games based around Monopoly. Most of the online slots that are based on the game will offer their players cash bonuses as well as free spins. There will also be various bonuses that allow you to multiply your winnings.

How much can I win from Monopoly?

The Monopoly slot and live games offer players the chance to win some serious cash, often for very low wagers. While the amount may differ from game to game, some of the max payouts are around £250,000, which is some serious money. Some of the games can prove especially fruitful if you manage to get some of their bonuses.

Is it possible to play Monopoly on Mobile Casinos?

In short, yes. Most real money online casinos will now have a fully-functioning mobile site that accurately mirrors the experience you would have playing on the desktop site. This means that you can have the exact same playing experience playing Monopoly slots or live games on your mobile as you would be able to play on the casino’s homepage. All you need to do is find a good online casino with monopoly.

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